Single bullet wounds two brothers

Family pastor says brothers are "lucky and blessed" after bullet pierces 4-year-old's leg, then 11-year-old's side during accidental shooting. (WSAZ via NBC News)

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ky. (WSAZ) - Two young brothers are recovering after they were struck by single bullet in an accidental shooting inside their Kentucky home.

Investigators say the boys weren't playing with the gun and may not have even realized it was there.

Their pastor, Daniel Castle, said it's a miracle they're ready to come home from the hospital 24 hours later.

"They're very, very lucky and blessed," he said.

It's perhaps the biggest understatement ever for brothers Ethan Martin, 11, and Mason Fife, 4, and more likely for the rest of their lives too.

One bullet went through Mason's leg and came to rest inside Ethan's body.

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