Should airlines be required to let families sit together?

Photo: Courtesy CNN / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic/MGN

SAN ANTONIO -- A congressman from New York wants airlines to be required to seat families with children under 12 together when they're flying on the same plane.

According to an article on Travel Pulse by Josh Lew, Representative Jerry Nadler has plans to add a special amendment to the FAA funding bill requiring the 'family together' seating arrangements. Lew says it's an issue that travel and family advocacy groups have been trying to bring into the spotlight for a while. Young children sometimes end up sitting in a different part of the plane from their parents due to airline seating policies and passengers who pay a little extra to get the seat of their choice.

Nadler told Lew that families should not get stuck paying hidden fees or buying 'premium' seats in order to sit with their young children. However, an airline trade organization told Lew seating decisions should be left to the experienced airline employees who are with the customers and not to the government.

Lew points out in the article that flight crews often try to help by asking passengers to switch seats, that added that parents don't have a legal right to demand it. Lew says Nadler's bill would require airlines to notify passengers at the time they are booking their flight if they're unable to keep a family sitting together.

The FAA funding bill is up for a vote at the end of March.

CLICK HERE to read Josh Lew's full article.

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