Shocking number of employees quit jobs due to annoying co-workers

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SAN ANTONIO -- Co-workers too annoying, San Antonio is a ‘must see’ in 2018, and Apple files for another flip phone patent. It’s all in today’s Jane King Report.

Annoying co-workers

A shocking number of Americans quit their job due to annoying co-workers.

About one in three people say they’ve left a job because of an annoying coworker, according to a recent survey of 2,000 working Americans released by Olivet Nazarene University.

Olivet Nazarene says the majority of workers surveyed claimed to be annoyed with up to five workers and that the healthcare and insurance industries have the highest number of “annoying” co-workers, followed by the fashion/art and retail fields.

What are the 5 most irritating things co-workers do? The survey says complaining, gossiping, have weird eating and bathroom habits and bad personal hygiene.

According to Olivet Nazarene’s survey, 78% of the respondents claim they confronted the annoying co-workers, “either through another coworker (47%), directly (30%), or through a boss or supervisor (18%).“

Human resource experts say to stop the problem-consider speaking to management about it.


San Antonio a ‘must-see’

National Geographic has named San Antonio one of the world's must-see destinations in 2018.

The Alamo City is just one of 21 cities around the globe to earn the honor but is the only Texas city and one of three U.S. cities named. Cleveland, Ohio and Oahu, Hawaii were also picked.

It says San Antonio is full of history, good food and great music.


A foldable Apple phone?

Apple is once again hinting that the world could one day see a foldable iPhone.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently published an Apple patent application for "an electronic device that may have a flexible portion that allows it to be folded."

The latest patent describes flexible displays with touch sensors and portions that bend like "being opened and closed like a book."


More problems for Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is still facing problems.

The Wall Street Journal says federal regulators have called it a repeat offender and is now weighing enforcement against the bank regarding auto insurance and mortgage operations.

This summer, the bank conceded in a news release that for years it had forced nearly 600,000 customers who financed their car purchases with Wells Fargo to pay for collision coverage they didn’t need.


Scientists working on…cow burps

Okay, scientists are working to reduce cow burps to cut down on climate change.

The New Zealand researchers say they are close to a vaccine to stop the cows from releasing so much methane.

Livestock has directly caused about one-quarter of Earth’s warming in the industrial age.

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