Restaurant owner tries to strangle customer over cold fries

Photo courtesy WREG CNN Newsource

MEMPHIS (WREG) - A restaurant owner is accused of trying to strangle a woman in Tennessee after she complained that her fries were cold.

Rinehsa Moore placed her order at Crumpy’s Hot Wings over the phone, and then was a few minutes late picking up the food. She said the wing shop usually doesn’t have its food prepared on time, so she arrived about 45 minutes later to give them “just a little extra time.”

“I saw that my food was kinda … it's usually smoking, but it wasn't smoking this time. It was kinda dry, so I said, ‘Can I get some fresh fries?’” explained Moore.

Moore said Crump told her the fries were cold because she was late.

“He was just like, ‘naw.’ Being nonchalant, like he didn't care. Just bad customer service right off the back [sic].”

She says Donald Crump, the owner, refused to swap the fries or give her a refund.

She shoved her food over the counter as she walked out, and that's when he allegedly pushed her into a fishbowl.

"He said don't disrespect my store as he was choking me."

The restaurant owner is now charged with assault.

Police say he filed his own complaint against Moore, accusing her of vandalism.

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