WILD VIDEO: Policeman shoots and kills two robbery suspects while holding his baby

NBC News Channel

SAO PAULO, Brazil -- A police officer confronting two robbery suspects might not seem, at first glance, like an unusual story.

But security cameras in Brazil captured the harrowing moment when a cop stopping two bad guys came with a baby in the mix.

State police Sergeant Rafael Souza is being called a hero in the Brazilian media after he shot and killed two suspected robbers at a pharmacy in Sao Paulo November 19th, all while holding his infant son in his arms.

Souza was off-duty at the time and was in the store with his wife and young son. When he saw the robbery going down, he responded like any police officer would and intervened.

According to police, one of the suspects pointed a gun at Souza, so he opened fire, keeping his son close to his side. After the shooting, Souza is seen handing off his son safely to his wife.

Both suspects died at the scene.

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