More than 30 percent of students struggle with basic needs, new study shows

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Students Struggle With Basic Needs

A new study reveals that some college students are struggling with basic needs.

According to a new study from Temple University and the Wisconsin Hope Lab, more than a third of college students are struggling to find food and housing.

Of the 43,000 college students surveyed on 66 campuses, 36 percent were considered to be "food insecure." The study found the problems are particularly prevalent at community colleges with 42 percent of students having hardships. On private 4-year college campuses, just 14 percent of students were considered food insecure. One of the biggest issues facing students is affording healthy food with 46 percent of community college students and 40 percent of 4-year students reporting an inability to pay for balanced meals.

Researchers say that rising college costs is just one reason that such high proportions of students lack basic necessities.


Few Homes Available in Desired Areas

As home prices continue to soar, fewer home buyers are unable to afford the homes they want in the location they desire.

A new study from Trulia finds that's especially true for teachers, first responders, restaurant workers and surprisingly, computer programmers.

Tech workers, who traditionally make 6-figure salaries in some cases are said to have the most difficult time affording a home near their jobs.

The report defines affordability as a worker's monthly house payment taking up to no more than 31 percent of their paycheck.

Many workers are now having to consider homes in less desirable neighborhoods to be able to get into a home they can afford.

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