Large group removed from Australian cruise ship after bloody brawl

(Seven Network via CNN Newsource)

Thousands aboard a South Pacific cruise had to return to Melbourne after a major brawl broke out on board.

Many passengers are demanding a refund and some described it as a holiday from hell, according to Australia's Seven Network.

The carnival legend's arrival into station pier Friday morning was picture perfect but sadly for some passengers the holiday was far from perfect. After vicious brawls broke out over several days. Nine guests were forced off the ship near Eden.

"Horrifying. Like people screaming, running around, throwing glasses. Everything like nightmare," said passenger Cindy Buglisi.

Some blamed one group of 23 people who were traveling together.

"They were just roaming the decks just looking to pick on any Aussies they could find," said passenger Michael Haddara.

Others blamed the ship's security guards.

A 10 day cruise like this through the South Pacific should just have brought happy memories for the 2100 passengers, but this troubled trip was so spoiled that some are demanding refunds.

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