Former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon on the road ‘to take back the government’

Steve Bannon (Photo: TODAY / Youtube / MGN

CHARLESTON, South Carolina -- (WCIV) Steve Bannon is certainly a polarizing figure, but he seems to have united the neighbors who live right around the area near The Citadel.

Those neighbors told us they all agree that he has the right to speak, but they certainly have the right to protest him speaking and what he stands for. They say he stands for divisiveness and principles that just keep people apart.

One neighbor told me he’s concerned about what he believes are divisive views Bannon will share. Another person says he’s been here for 26 years, and they know the heartbeat of this community. They told me the very idea of Bannon speaking at the military college was just hard for them to accept.

The event is expected to start at the Holiday Alumni Center at 6pm.

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