Former college student who won't leave dorm now faces lawsuit

(WCBS via CNN Newsource)

A New York City woman who dropped out of college in 2016 is refusing to leave her dorm.

Lisa Palmer, a former college student, is accused of illegally squatting in her old college dorm room. The 32-year-old hasn't been enrolled at Hunter College in Manhattan in about two years, but she refuses to move out of the dormitory on east 25th street.

"I feel like every semester is another opportunity to register for courses. I think I should just stay and fight the case," she said.

This week, the school filed a lawsuit against her. It claims she dropped out in 2016, and despite numerous vacate notices, has racked up "a staggering $94,000 in unpaid residence hall charges."

Palmer claims the school forced her out of classes a semester before graduating -- when she couldn't pay her bills.

"I don't think paying it off is realistic and I also don't believe that I should had to pay it off," Palmer said.

Palmer disputes the charges. She's continuing to live here while working two jobs.

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