WATCH: Crews work for six hours to rescue 14-year-old from California mudslide

(NBC News Channel)

An alert firefighter heard a faint cry for help, setting off a painstaking rescue from a California mudslide.

Crews worked for six hours to free a 14-year-old girl, trapped in what was left of her home in Montecito near Santa Barbara. She appears to not have any serious injuries.

Rescuers were checking debris piles in the neighborhood when they heard her muffled screams. Quickly getting to work, on a very slow process. Meticulously moving debris, trees, and pieces of her house, one by one., trying to prevent anything from shifting and crushing her.

"We've had the rains that have come in and brought down all this down all the, the silt from the recent fire," said Andy Rupp with the Montecito Fire Department.

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