Couple told to pay $50K over Christmas display

    Couple told to pay $50,000 to host Christmas light show in their yard. (WPIX via CNN Newssource)

    OLD BRIDGE, N.J. - A New Jersey couple is fighting with their city over their Christmas show.

    Kris and Tom Apruzzi have been lighting up their display in their front yard in old bridge for more than 15-years, but they say the city wants them to shell out $50K this year

    The money would cover police expenses for handling security - and buses to shuttle the crowds that come to see the show.

    The Apruzzi’s say... "No Way."

    "I'm not taking it down. It's my religious right, it's my first amendment right,” said Tom Appruzzi. “I do this for the veterans and everything else like that. If people have a problem with that, I can't say anything about it, there are people who are gonna be happy and there is always people who are gonna be unhappy."

    The light show is free, but it collects donations for veterans' charity "Homes for our Troops."

    The Apruzzi’s still plan on lighting up the show this Saturday.

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