Company delivers 'Ugly' produce at a big discount

Jane King Report - Company delivers 'Ugly' produce at a big discount - Jane King Report/News 4 Today

How about some ugly fruit for Christmas? Plus, a Texas city is said to be the top contender for Amazon’s second headquarters, and more than half of Americans say they won’t get a pay raise this year. This and more in today’s Jane King Report.

Ugly Produce Delivery

There’s a new food delivery service that brings misshapen fruits and vegetables to your door at a discount.

The company is called ‘Imperfect Produce.’ The so-called ‘ugly’ produce is discounted 30 to 50 percent. Non-attractive fruits and vegetables are just as healthy and tasty as their better-looking counterparts.

What’s so ugly about it? The produce includes twisted carrots, misshapen squash and oddly shaped apples, reports Their article states Imperfect Produce currently “brings the unloved and slightly different looking produce” to doorsteps in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Portland, Oregon and Seattle.

The Chicago Tribune is also reporting the service will be in Windy City starting December 4th. The Tribune recently ran a series called “Ugly Food Rescue” which featured some of Chicago’s top chefs shopping farmers markets for “seconds” and then transforming them into beautiful dishes.

According to the company's website, more than 20% (1 in 5) fruits and veggies don’t meet grocery store standards. That means they usually go to waste. They say not allowing that to happen can result in 7.6 million pounds of foot being saved, 379 million gallons of water saved, $3.4 million saved on groceries, and 26 million pounds of carbon dioxide. The company says by eating “ugly,” you help build a more sustainable and effective food system.


Amazon going to Dallas?

New analysis by the Wall Street Journal says Dallas is the most likely city to land Amazon’s second headquarters.

It says other Texas cities are long shots.

It points to North Texas’ big college population, large tech labor force, and low cost of living — and the lack of a state income tax — as reasons the region landed in the top spot.


International Trade

International trade is an important part of the national economy. It's also a big part of many state economies as well.

Using Census Bureau data, Business Insider says for both import and exports, Texas’ biggest trading partner is Mexico.

Only Arizona was even close to Texas in trade with Mexico.


No Raises

About half of us haven’t gotten a pay raise in the past year.

A Bankrate survey also says employees with more education and higher incomes are more likely to get a raise. This even as the labor market gets tighter.

The survey also says many workers can expect a bonus instead of a pay raise.


Access Smartphones with Sweat?

Sweat is so unique, it could one day be used to access smartphones in the same way we use a fingerprint or our faces.

University of Albany researchers say amino acids in our “sweat print” could be used to identify someone.

They say it could happen in the next 5 to 10 years.

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