Bazooka turned over during gun buyback

Gun buy-back (NBC News Channel)

SAN FRANCISCO - Police were handed an unexpected firearm during a Saturday gun buyback: An AT-4 a.k.a. a Bazooka-like anti-tank weapon.

A picture on the police Twitter account shows an officer holding and peering down at the weapon.

Police said that was one of 142 firearms turned over in the first 90 minutes of the gun buyback, which was hosted along with United Playaz, a San Francisco-based violence prevention and youth development organization. In total - 271 guns, rifles and assault weapons were turned in.

The group’s executive director says it's important for him to help young people turn their lives around because when he was young he got caught up in gangs. The man says when he got out of jail he decided to get his life on track - and help others do the same.

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