Baby on board: Woman delivers baby in car in hospital parking lot

Baby Hazel was delivered in car in the parking lot of a West Ashley hospital. (WCIV)

Angela and Houston Rogers expected a routine delivery of their third child, but the baby had other plans.

"Soon as we got in the car I said this is very different,” said Angela.

They rushed to Roper St. Francis Bon Secours in West Ashley at 9:30 a.m. but didn’t quite make it inside.

Houston parked right outside the hospital entrance and sprinted to the door to call for a nurse to come down with a wheelchair.

Rachel Ballenger, a longtime RN in labor and delivery, rushed out with a wheelchair, but said she had to let it roll off because Angela was screaming that the baby was coming.

“They were so calm, I was freaking out,” Angela said. “When I saw the nurses, I felt like I could do this, I was kind of scared doing it by myself.”

Ballenger was joined by another nurse and then an entire team a short time later. While it wasn’t a typical day on the job, Ballenger said she wasn’t worried at all.

“I told her many times, I was looking at her and I said ‘You probably don’t even really need me, I know it makes you feel better but you could do this without any of us, you could’,” said Ballenger. “We laid the seat back and Mandy got into the driver’s side and we just helped her hold her legs and she just said okay it’s coming and it did.”

“30-seconds later the baby comes out. It’s crazy (and) in the front seat of the car,” Angela said. “It was so quick, so quick, it was wild. It was painful but it was quick.”

Angela said she had an epidural while giving birth to her two other children.

Houston said he wasn’t worried either, but thankful and happy they arrived just in time.

“I let the superwomen take over and do their job, I knew they knew what to do,” he said.

Hazel Emma was born at 10:15 a.m. and weighed 7 lbs. 8 oz.

The family was discharged from the hospital Friday afternoon.

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