San Antonio mom who lost 16-year-old son to suicide traveling state with story


SAN ANTONIO - Maurine Molak’s heartbreak fueled a mission.

It’s now been two years since her 16-year-old son, David Molak, took his own life. The Alamo Heights teenager was harassed by cyberbullies for a prolonged period of time.

She’s committed to educating communities on how serious the effects of cyberbullying can be. She now travels across the state sharing her story with students, parents and school staff.

"This is David’s legacy... to spread the message and to hopefully be able to reach another parent that might be going through what we're going through or what we went through, as well as what David went through,” said Molak.

Her most recent presentation was at Hondo ISD.

"We have to keep pushing and keep getting the word out there, talking to schools and educators, and students about David and the story because there's lots of Davids out there and we need to whatever we can to help each one of them,” said Molak.

In June of 2017, Gov. Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 179, also known as David’s Law, into law. Named in honor of David Molak, the law makes cyber-bullying a criminal act.

During her presentation, she shared information about how the bill can be used in real bullying situations within any schools.

She has presentations scheduled throughout the state.

"To make sure kids understand that there's a soul behind every screen and you never know what kind of day or battle the person on the other side is facing so always choice kindness,” said Molak.

Make It Stop

One out of every four teens in America has been bullied at some point in their young lives, but these days bullying doesn't only happen on playgrounds or in schools. It also happens online. Since the death of David Molak, Fox San Antonio and News 4 San Antonio have committed to fight cyberbullying through the 'Make It Stop' series. We will focus on stories that help raise awareness of the problem and ways to stop it. Bullies can hide anytime behind a social media profile and potential victims will remain vulnerable if we don't stand together as a community to do something about it. For more on David's story and the resources available to you, click here...

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