David Molak's mother talks passing of "David's Law," future of foundation

SAN ANTONIO - Maurine Molak is the mother of David Molak. At just 16 years old, David Molak took his own life after constant torture by cyber bullies.

Maurine discussed on Focus on South Texas David's Law, which passed during Texas’s 85th Legislative Session and was recently signed into law by the governor.

Visit for more information or follow David’s Legacy Foundation on Facebook. The foundation focus on raising awareness on cyber-bullying and cyber abuse.

The pledge is part of a marketing campaign that brings awareness and support to David’s Law, or Senate Bill 179, a new bill that protects Texas children by treating cyberbullying offenses as misdemeanors and establishing new channels of communication to report these criminal acts to law enforcement through their schools. When a David’s Law sticker with the Red Ellipsis Anti-cyberbullying logo is placed on a cell phone or computer, it serves to communicate to others, “I pledge to never use this device as a weapon. The sticker will be distributed in schools and at events, and The David’s Legacy Foundation will print and provide stickers to all who wish to participate. Joining us in the David’s Law Anti-cyberbullying pledge helps us spread awareness of the law and encourages students and their families to take a public stand against cyberbullying.

- David's Legacy Foundation

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