City Council votes to support on proposed David's Law

SB 179 is, also known as David's Law named for David Molak, a local student who took his own life at just 16 years old. His family says he was tortured by cyberbullies from Alamo Heights High School. (File photo)

SAN ANTONIO - Members of the City Council voted in favor of a resolution that supports David's Law, the proposed Senate Bill 179 which will offer some added protection for victims of cyberbullying.

The bill is named for David Molak, a local 16-year-old student who took his own life after being relentlessly cyberbullied.

David's Law passed the Texas Senate on Wednesday by a unanimous vote. If signed into law, it would give schools the authority to intervene when bullying happes off campus and online.

City Council is expected to vote on the measure of support shortly after the start of the regular City Council meeting on Thursday.

Make It Stop

One out of every four teens in America has been bullied at some point in their young lives, but these days bullying doesn't only happen on playgrounds or in schools. It also happens online.

Since the death of David Molak, Fox San Antonio and News 4 San Antonio have committed to fight cyberbullying through the 'Make It Stop' series. We will focus on stories that help raise awareness of the problem and ways to stop it.

Bullies can hide anytime behind a social media profile and potential victims will remain vulnerable if we don't stand together as a community to do something about it.

Check out more of our Make It Stop stories and connect with us on Facebook.

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