Alamo Heights student says she contemplated suicide after being cyber bullied

SAN ANTONIO -- A student at a school in Alamo Heights says a group of cyberbullies made her think about committing suicide.

13-year-old Hannah Martinez says she now knows what it's like to be a victim of cyber bullying.

“Kids can be cruel these days,” said Martinez. “And middle schoolers kind of live in their own little bubble.”

The teen goes to Alamo Heights Junior School.

She says she and a group of her friends were targeted by an anonymous account on Instagram.

“At first me and a few of my friends started getting this message saying, ‘Hi. I go to your school. I know a bunch of your secrets.’ They tried to make it as if it were a game or something like that,” she said.

But it quickly escalated when whoever was using the account started telling Martinez to kill herself.

She says the user (or users) would suggest Martinez take pills or jump in front of a moving car.

“I wasn't going to do it, but I was thinking about it,” she said.

One of her friends alerted the school counselor and the district is now investigating.

Alamo Heights ISD has implemented policies to stop bullying in schools following the suicide of former high school student David Molak last year.

Cellphones are no longer allowed during the day at the elementary schools and junior school.

And secondary students also now have higher expectations to report problems like bullying to teachers, among other policies.

“We'll learn about bullying, self-love, and standing up for people,” Martinez said.

She adds the attacks made her reflect on how she treats others, and now she wants to do more to stop bullying.

“There's no right to be doing this to a human being,” she said. “I think people need to start realizing how much they really do hurt people.”

The Instagram account has since been deleted.

Martinez’s mom says she reached out to David's Legacy Foundation, a nonprofit named in honor of David Molak for help.

An attorney did contact her offering pro bono legal services to help them uncover who is behind the attacks.

If you need help with a bullying case, go here.

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