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Yoga and fertility


When it comes to infertility, there are many complicated reasons a woman can't get pregnant. But in some cases, one of the reasons can be simple: stress. Delaine Mathieu caught up with a woman at Smart Barre on the north side who says yoga helped her conceive.

This beautiful blue-eyed baby boy is nothing short of a miracle for Brittany Taylor and her husband. "We both graduated from Texas Tech," said Brittany Taylor. "So, I went and bought a Texas Tech onesie and I gave it to him before we went in to lunch so he, yeah."

It was a great day when they found out -- they had tried for two years. "She and her husband actually fell into a category of what we call unexplained infertility," said Brittany's doctor, Matthew Retzloff at Fertility Center of San Antonio.

There was no medical explanation for why she wasn't ovulating. So, Dr. Retzloff told her it pretty much boiled down to stress.

"I had just way too much going on, that I'm high-stressed and I just need to cool down a little bit," Taylor said. "And I needed to find some things that relaxed me and that's when he directed me to yoga kinda that mind-body connection."

Brittany says she took a load off: cut out high-intensity workouts and incorporated more yoga and bar -- which focuses on slow and controlled movements. And it eventually worked -- she got pregnant through IVF. "I absolutely think it helped me conceive," she said. "I think it helped me relax, I think it helped me relieve some stress, be in a better mood, be in a better place."

"We get a higher concentration of sperm closer to the egg, reduce our stress hormones, we know related to adrenal hormone productions corticosteroids specifically by combining that we get a more optimal ovulation sort of priming the environment for conception to occur," said Dr. Retzloff.

Brittany says every woman's body is different -- you just have to find what works for you while going through infertility treatments.

"Yoga may not be for everybody -- but for me, that's what helped me you know take control of my body and focus on what i could control which is my stress levels."

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