Women's March in San Antonio becomes generational fight for right

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    Two years after the largest single-day protest in u-s history people across the country are once again taking to the streets to support women's rights.

    That includes right here in San Antonio.

    However, this local march was a bit different from the rest of the country, organizers here as well as other organized events across the country are no* associated with the national women's march because of concerns of their inclusivity.

    Much to the dismay of those in the crowd the fight for women's rights has become generational with men, women and children taking to the streets, and Judy Coughlin showed up out of disbelief.

    "I think it's sad we still have to do this after so many years.” Coughlin said.

    Coughlin and Susie Monday are no strangers to having their voices heard.

    "I've been standing up for women's rights and human rights since the 60's I'm not going to stop now." Monday said.

    They consider their task the same as it was sixty years ago.

    "Women still make less money than men, women still have more problems with domestic abuse, women are still hospitalized more than men for mental illness, there's still alot of progress to be made.” Monday said.

    Including passing the problem-solving torch to the next generation, protestors like Milena Arias, who knows the task ahead relies on the work of the past.

    "We're nothing without our past our elders, we all have to learn from somebody so we have to work together.” Arias said

    To continue the fight for what they feel is right.

    "The feeling of Unity, getting out here seeing I'm not alone, being with others screaming a little bit." Arias said.

    "To make certain everyone is aware of what’s happening in the world." Coughlin said.

    Organizers of this march told me they are targeting the next local election to further the climate of change, that their efforts cannot be top down and have to start from cities and work their way up the political system.

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