Women march for more in streets of San Antonio


Women and men of all ages and races lined the streets today to push a message moving forward to change San Antonio.

Hundreds gathering at Columbus Park for the 28th annual San Antonio Women's Day March, with a message of being something more.

Barbie Hurtado, an organizer of the march said one of the main goals is to prepare young women for the future.

"We have to educate our youth on what's going on we can't just shelter the youth and then they don't know what’s going on they have to be aware and they are aware of what’s going on.” Hurtado said.

Stacey Rickman said she's fairly new to activism, but marches like these have helped her speak out and fight for the future.

"I've never really had a voice until these past couple years,” said Rickman. “I think people are starting to realize they have a voice and they can speak up against injustice and I think marches like this show that a little bit more."

They key to Hurtado, is to prepare people to fight for their rights far beyond a single march.

"It's not just come to the march and then go home and what happens how do we create change we take action, we register people to vote.” Hurtado said.

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