Woman who abandoned newborn at Via-park-and-ride speaks from prison

Roseanne Welch (SBG Photo)

GATESVILLE, Texas -- 28-year-old Roseanne Welch is currently living inside a maximum security prison in

Gatesville. She's serving time for giving birth and abandoning her new born son inside a VIA Park and Ride restroom off Loop 410 and Randolph Blvd. on Halloween night back in October of 2015.

"That was unexpected what happened." She tells News 4 San Antonio she doesn't think about the night anymore.

She says she spends her days working in the prison kitchen and her nights reading her bible.

"I'm doing good now, I've been changing a lot." Welch went on to say the hardest part about being in prison is being away from her family. "I'm a special needs person and what is it, I've always had help from my family."

Welch says she graduated from high school and was always enrolled in special needs classes. She was taught how the use the bus system, and the stop where she left her newborn was part of her route to go home.

"That's the only bus stop that I know. I was coming home from shopping, I love to shop."

Welch says she didn't even know she was pregnant. "I thought I just had to go use the restroom that's all I knew. I was scared, I was trying to get help, and nobody didn’t want to help me, " added Welch.

Welch says she didn't know what to do, and she when she got home she didn't tell her family right away. " I was trying to get my families attention, and all I hear is the TV, my nephew's misbehaving, and I couldn't even speak to my our family without my nephew misbehaving."

It wasn't until Welch says she started feeling ill that she went to the hospital and doctors had discovered she'd just given birth.

"I just want the people to forgive me, I just want to tell them that I'm very, very sorry, even to the foster mom, I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart."

Welch and the father of the baby have lost all of their rights to the child named Travis, a little boy who will have medical needs for the rest of his life.

"I do have his pictures that the foster mom gave me."

Welch is up for parole early next month, while her projected release from prison is in 5 years.

While she doesn't know what her future holds she knows she never wants to go back to prison.

"Hopefully God has a plan for me."

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