Woman says 'horrible human being' killed her dog with 15-pound dumbbell, report states

Cruelty to animals suspect Leo Martinez (Photo provided by Bexar County Jail)

SAN ANTONIO - Police arrested a man accused of hitting a dog with a 15-pound dumbbell during a fight with a girlfriend, causing the dog's death.

According to a criminal complaint, Leo Martinez was intoxicated when he and the woman left a relative's party on November 11, 2017. The woman told investigators she tried drive the pair home, but that Martinez insisted on driving anyway.

When they got home, she claimed Martinez became upset when she tried to call her mother to pick her up and he began fighting with her.

At one point, she said he picked up the dumbbell and threw it at her, but missed. Then, Martinez went outside with the dumbbell and hit the woman's dog on its back, before picking it up a second time and hitting the dog on its head, according to arrest papers.

The dog, a Siberian Husky which was tied to a fence at the time, screamed and yelped during the attack, attracting the attention of a neighbor. Police were called and the dog was taken to Animal Care Services where it later died.

Immediately after the attack, the woman claimed Martinez told her that the attack on the dog was her fault.

In court papers, the dog owner told officers that Martinez is "a horrible human being and that he is a danger to not only her but the public and that he should be in prison for a very long time." She added that Martinez has beaten her in the past and has threatened to kill her.

The investigator who handled the case described the dog's injuries as "heartbreaking."

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