UPDATE: American Airlines locates lost puppy; blames breeder for mix-up

Woman claims American Airlines lost her new puppy (Photo: SBG)

UPDATE 4/10 8:27am: American Airlines offered this statement...

After a thorough investigation by our Cargo team, a breeder shipped two dogs from Kansas City on April 9, and reversed the two dogs/kennels. The two kennels were labeled by the breeder, and shipped according to the directions provided to American Airlines – one to San Antonio, the other to Portland, Ore. It was later determined that the breeder reversed the two kennels in error.
The dog that was inadvertently shipped by the breeder to Portland arrived in San Antonio yesterday. The dog which was shipped to Portland spend the evening in Los Angeles at The Kennel Club, right outside the airport entrance. They are a valued partner and care for many of our animals when they need to overnight. The dogs are fed, provided water and are able to run around. They will even bath them if necessary.
The dog is scheduled to arrive in San Antonio early this afternoon.
We have been in contact with the customer and will continue to update her as her dog makes his trip to San Antonio; we have not heard from the breeder. We understand how important our pet travelers are to their families and we will insure the dog is well-cared for in his journey.

SHAVANO PARK, Texas -- Carrie LaCasse of Shavano Park went to pick up her new mini Bernedoodle named Atlantic Ocean from the airport this Monday morning.

Her family had purchased Atlantic Ocean for their 8-year-old son John. A breeder in Kansas City shipped the dog on American Airlines.

"I am looking at the dog and I am realizing that this does not look like the dog in the picture," LaCasse said.

It was the wrong dog. The dog LaCasse saw at the American Airlines cargo counter was destined for a family in Portland, OR.

So where's Atlantic Ocean?

"You should know where the dog is!" LaCasse said. "It's like a baby, it can't talk you need to do extra stuff to make sure pets don't get lost."

Atlantic Ocean has been on a journey as massive as her namesake. Going from Kansas City to Dallas then to Portland.

She's now in Los Angeles to stay overnight where she'll get water and food.

So what happened?

American Airlines tells me they are still investigating the incident, but they believe they shipped the dogs as they got them and it could be a mix up from the breeder or whoever dropped the dogs off.

"We are still finalizing our investigation, but currently all of the paperwork shows that we shipped the dogs as we received them. The dog is currently at staying in a climate-controlled room in Portland waiting for his flight to Los Angeles. He will stay the night in Los Angeles at The Kennel Club (right outside the airport entrance). They are a valued partner and care for many of our animals when they need to overnight. The dogs are fed and watered and are able to run around. They will even bath them if necessary," wrote Kristin Courtney, American Airlines manager marketing communications in a statement.

Update: Stolen dog returned safely back to San Antonio Humane Society

But that's not what LaCasse said they told her.

"They did admit to making a mistake and the mistake is on their part," LaCasse said.

Atlantic Ocean is expected to arrive at the San Antonio Airport Tuesday afternoon.



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