Warming homes can be a big problem for seniors

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    SAN ANTONIO---Colder temperatures can mean big time problems trying to stay warm, especially for our seniors.

    "I'm Luis Hernandez and I'm a San Antonio native. I went to college here and retired as a social worker and in my younger years I was running some agencies in social services," says Luis Hernandez

    Luis is 63 years old and has been battling cancer. He says that many seniors who live on fixed incomes face some tough choices

    "Most of us still rely on the stove, turning on the stove, space heaters that really are not safe, so for us it becomes an issue of economical devices to have at home," explains Luis.

    He also says a lack of insulation is a big problem.

    "It's worrisome, because you're dealing with safety issues, you're dealing with health issues which can drain a person emotionally to your purse."

    Along with turning on the stoves space heaters can be a big concern.

    "None of us really like to use. One cause it's hard for us to install and light them and keep track of them," says Luis.

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