Vote for development near Hays Street Bridge postponed

Vote for development near Hays Street Bridge postponed

SAN ANTONIO - A vote for a development near the Hays Street Bridge on the East Side has been postponed until December 6th, according to a representative from Councilman Cruz Shaw’s Office. The Historic and Design Review Commission was scheduled to vote on a new multi-family/retail mixed use development on Wednesday.

The developers said the four-story building will have 149 residential units and two retail spaces. It will be next to the historic Hays Street Bridge.

"I think it's a very positive thing that's happening in that neighborhood. That neighborhood has been neglected for many, many years,” Ignacio Aliaga with A+B Architecture said.

Aliaga is the architect for the project.

People who live in the neighborhood near the Hays Street Bridge and the San Antonio Conservation Society fear the development will block the view of the bridge, but Aliaga said the renderings show they are “celebrating the bridge and making it an integral part of the design.”

"We are 65 feet away from the bridge, so there's plenty of view of the bridge and its public access to the bridge, so we're not blocking none of that. There's a property in between,” Aliaga said.

The San Antonio Conservation Society said it would like for the property to be rotated, so it will run along Lamar and block less of the bridge.

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