Viral Facebook video shows Texas park attendant making up story about being run over

    (Photo: Chris Hampshire)

    A viral Facebook video showed a woman in Georgetown, Texas making a frantic 911 call and making up a story about being run over.

    Chris Hampshire posted the video Tuesday night showing a woman standing in front of his car. Hampshire described the frantic woman as a park attendant.

    "Ma'am, he's running me over!" she said in the video, while standing in front of the parked car. "Please hurry! He's a lunatic and he's videotaping me! Please hurry!"

    Hampshire said he took the wrong exit at Lake Georgetown, saw the sign and backed out to leave when the woman told him she was calling the cops. He told her she cannot legally hold him there because he did not do anything illegal. That's when he started the recording.

    Hampshire reported seeing 15 cop cars with sirens show up while the woman was "screaming bloody murder." He showed police the video and they let him go.

    The Facebook video has been viewed by more than 500,000 people, with nearly 9,000 shares.

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