UTSA upgrades engineering facilities with most expensive project in school history

The new Science and Engineering Building under construction at UTSA opens in 2020

The UTSA Engineering program is growing and fast, now the school building out to keep up with the growth.

The biggest project in terms of spending in school history, coming in at 96 million dollars, the new science and engineering building at UTSA will provide research space for the school’s academic and research programs in brain health, chemical engineering, biology, and chemistry.

Dean of Engineering JoAnn Browning says the upgrade will keep UTSA a step above the rest

“A lot of engineering student schools are moving to building makers spaces but not 17,000 square feet, so we’re looking forward to having that space for our students.” Brown said.

The new SEB will open in 2020, and a separate project on campus, a large scale structural testing facility for civil engineering and testing opens in just 8 months.

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