UTSA students make video games for injured veterans

    A UTSA professor teamed up with a local non-profit called Gamerz 4 Vets to make video games for injured veterans.<p>{/p}

    A UTSA computer science professor is now taking a new approach for his student's final project.

    "I was always a big gamer when I was inside the military before I got hurt," said Bernie Sullivan. "What ended up happening was I wanted to play the games like everyone else. I didn't want to have to sit there and watch."

    Quarles teamed up with a local non-profit called Gamerz 4 Vets, founded by a UTSA alumni. The organization rehabs injured veterans through gaming.

    Now this challenge is unique for the students because some of the veterans have been unable to play games due to their disabilities.

    "When you lose a lot of your functions and try to start playing video games, it is a workout," Sullivan said. "I mean, I used to play for 15 minutes and rest for two hours because I was trying to hold on to the controller and do things. It made me use muscle that I didn't know I could use again."

    Quarles said the students have a great understanding of the weight of the work they are doing and how it can help someone in need.

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