UTSA students help save victim from parking lot shooting

UTSA BLVD SOUND_frame_13814.jpg

The ultimate "What Would You Do" situation may have helped save a life.

Three sophomores, pre-med at UTSA living at the Luxx Apartments coming home from a party, when they heard gunshots in their parking lot, and after finding the 16 year old boy who got shot in the leg, took him up to their third floor apartment to administer care until EMS services arrived.

Michelle Martinez, Ashley Nguyen, and Jodi Anne Piniones laid the victim down on their couch, applied a tourniquet by putting a belt around the victim's leg, and disinfected the wound.

They say their instinct to help came naturally.

"It wasnt more of a routine we've never done that so we just flipped a switch in us and just did it instead of thinking and planning it out."Nguyen said.

Afterwards the trio met with the boy who was shot and his friends at the hospital, they were relieved to find out he is now ok.

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