UTSA conference showcases women paving the way in scientific research

UTSA chemistry major Lynee Massey explains her research on a vaccine for methamphetamine addiction. ((SBG San Antonio))

SAN ANTONIO -- Women are leading the charge when it comes to scientific research to find cures for drug addiction deadly diseases.

Hundreds of bright young minds from colleges across Texas are sharing their findings at the “Research in Service of a Better Tomorrow” conference at UTSA.

Many of them are women working to start careers in science and technology which for years have been dominated by men.

“Especially for younger girls to have role models, to see girls like me doing science and see they can do it too it’s incredibly important,” said Lynee Massey, a chemistry major researching a vaccine for methamphetamine addiction.

Jessica O’Berry is researching how to stop the transmission of Lyme Disease.

“It’s very inspiring to know that we are out here we’re doing it and we can do it just as good as any guys,” said O’Berry.

Some of these women said the tide is changing and more and more women going into science-based careers.

“People are paying attention to the conversation that we’re having or that we need to have about women in stem and women in engineering so it’s pretty cool,” said U-Ter Anodo Jia, a graduate student researching how to help skeletal muscle in diabetics.

At the end of the conference, some students were awarded prizes including grants, many of the winners were women.

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