University of Incarnate Word addresses claims of student-athletes dressed in blackface

(Photo: Twitter user @AnikaBrown97)

The University of Incarnate Word took to Twitter Wednesday to address claims that some student-athletes were dressed in blackface for Halloween.

Many took screenshots of Twitter posts that allegedly show softball players and swimmers involved, but identities have not been confirmed. Photos show two people dressed as Madea and Joe, characters made famous by actor and director Tyler Perry.

A spokeswoman with the school released the following statement.:

Last week, a UIW employee brought to the attention of University staff that two students engaged in behavior inconsistent with the University's mission and values. It was later reported that a third student had engaged in similar behavior. An investigation was immediately initiated, in conformity with university policy. Although federal privacy law precludes us from sharing specifics concerning the students involved, the investigation has concluded with actions taken consistent with University policies and procedures.
The University remains committed to celebrating and educating our students on inclusivity, tolerance and social justice and will continue to sponsor programs and activities towards this goal.

Students took to Twitter to express their concerns.:

"My culture isn't a costume and my race isn't a joke #UIWPride" Twitter user @AnikaBrown97 said.

"@UIWAthletics @uiwcardinals If your university is a place of tolerance then instances like this should not occur. The history behind this haneous act is rooted in mockery and dehumanization. Do you want this to be the face of your institution? Do better! #UIWPride," @EastCoastDiva16 said.

"I finally got my 280 character count activated and I will use it to say this: My people get killed for our color, hated for our color, used and abused bc people like y'all feel like my color is nothing more than a costume. This is Disrespectful #UIWPride," @kartinesej said."

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