Union accuses city of stomping on First Amendment rights


One thousand two hundred and fifty-five days is how long the city and firefighters have been at odds, now a new petition from the firefighters union is escalating the situation.

Christopher Steele, President of the San Antonio Professional Firefighter's association held a press conference to talk about the "San Antonio First" petition, and responding directly to a flier, which according to Steele, was put out by the City of San Antonio discouraging the signing of petitions, and denouncing the first amendment right to petition city government.

“This is the City of San Antonio and the power brokers trying to drop a hammer on regular citizens" Steele said

The City of San Antonio released a statement in response to these claims, saying:

"The San Antonio Public Library has designated certain areas in the exterior of library facilities as ‘free speech areas.’ These areas may be used for petition activity, campaigning or other free speech activities. Staff at each library does and will assist individuals or groups with locating and using these areas."

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