Undocumented families reunite at Catholic Charities

    Undocumented families reunite with their children at Catholic Charities in San Antonio. ((SBG San Antonio))

    SAN ANTONIO -- After months apart, there have been emotional reunions for 7 undocumented families at Catholic Charities Wednesday.

    Oscar Garcia is from Honduras and he was reunited with his child. Garcia had a word of warning to people back at him home county who are thinking about crossing into the U.S.

    “I will give them this message: do not come. Because the laws are very hard because of the President. It is very painful to be taken away from your kids,” Garcia said to reporters in his native Spanish.

    The children were being sheltered by Baptist Child and Family Services and the parents were in a detention center in Pearsall.

    According to Antonio Fernandez, CEO of Catholic Charities, some of these parents have been separated from their children for a very long time.

    “I spoke to one parent and the father tells me they have not seen the child until February 1, so you do not know what to say to that. We just want to provide them with support and dignity and respect and this is what we try to do,” Fernandez said.

    Dr. Mitchell Finnie said he treated two undocumented children recently. A boy who had complications from a broken arm, an injury he got in Mexico, and two-year-old girl who had scabies.

    Finnie said medical care for undocumented people is hard to come by.

    “Unfortunately I don’t think there are a lot of avenues for that. I think it is hit and miss. Someone knows somebody who will do something,” Finnie said.

    Catholic Charities will be taking thousands of donated items to the detention center in McAllen Thursday morning to try to help more undocumented people.

    According to Fernandez, the undocumented families are spending Wednesday night in local hotels, and Thursday they will be flying to new homes in the U.S.

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