Two-million-pound oversized load will cause traffic problems

Theload is a generator from a Canadian company that came into the Victoria BargeCanal from China. (Photo courtesy Seguin Police Department)

SAN ANTONIO - An oversized load will be traveling through Guadalupe County Wednesday. The million-pound generator will travel through Wilson County on Highway 123 in Stockdale on at one to four miles per hour. Then the carrier will continue into Guadalupe County on Highway 123 to Highway 46, arriving sometime on Thursday. Finally on Friday, it will depart Guadalupe County, traveling on FM 467 to FM 539 (back into Wilson County).

Think about an alternate route of you’re planning on being in this area through Friday. Traffic will be at a crawl.

The load is a generator from a Canadian company that came into the Victoria Barge Canal from China. It’s actually two big carriers that have multiple wheels under them connected by a bridge support. The enormous structure from the bridge to the back of the carrier has the load suspended under it. The generator weighs more than 1 million pounds, while the rest weighs another million.

Back on Monday, November 26, the two million-pound super-heavy load went off the road in Victoria and caused all kinds of trouble. A malfunction in the steering resulted in the back-end drifting partly off the highway. The weight pushed the tires into the ground, rendering it immobile. And then about half an hour later, someone barreled into a deputy’s vehicle, causing a multi-vehicle crash.

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