Two local pedestrian intersections among most dangerous in Texas

Photo courtesy MGN Online.

SAN ANTONIO – A new study ranks the most dangerous places for pedestrians in Texas, and two intersections here in San Antonio make the top ten.

Hill Law Firm took the last four years (2012 to 2015) of available crash data from TxDOT and mapped each time a vehicle hit a person.

"We just really wanted to visualize it, put it on a map and see what it looked like,” says attorney Justin Hill.

At number six: Commerce and Navarro in downtown San Antonio where 28 pedestrians were hit by cars in four years.

"We have a very busy downtown,” Hill says. “We have a very large group of tourists that come in. For one, they're unfamiliar with the city. For two, they might be partying. And we have a lot of traffic downtown."

Downtown’s councilman says through upcoming bond projects, the city’s ready to invest $160 million into making downtown streets safer.

"A lot of thought has gone into how these plans are going to be implemented,” says District 1 Councilman Roberto Trevino. "We want downtown to be a pedestrian friendly, pedestrian safe, downtown as well as a vehicular safe downtown."

And at number nine on the list: Thousand Oaks and Nacogdoches, where 23 people were hit by cars in four years.

"That was sort of a surprise to us,” Hill says. “I hope the city can look at that in terms of maybe we need to address something we didn't even realize was a problem for the city."

The area’s councilman blames faded striping. There are plans to repave the area, and also for a short-term fix.

"I actually put some funding together to redo the striping. Now we're just waiting on some good weather to put some new striping down,” says District 10 Councilman Clayton Perry.

The law firm concluded San Antonio doesn’t necessarily have a bigger problem than other cities, but the map is a tool the city can use to visualize the problem and find solutions.


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