Truckload of airbag detonation triggers explode along Texas border

    Photo courtesy The Eagle Pass News Gram

    QUEMADO, Texas - A tractor trailer carrying small containers of gas used to detonate airbags exploded in the Texas border town of Quemado early Monday morning.

    The truck was traveling southbound on US 277 when its contents exploded, severely injuring both the passenger in the trailer as well as that of another vehicle coming from the opposite direction.

    Drivers of both vehicles were transferred to Fort Duncan Regional Medical center, while the passengers were taken to a hospital in San Antonio.

    One house that was near the highway where the accident took place was completely destroyed. The vehicle belonging to the home owner, an elderly woman, was found on the property. Authorities have contacted the woman’s son, and are still searching for her.

    Burnt trees, parts of the trailer, and canisters of the combustible substance that caused the explosion littered up to two miles from the site.

    DPS is investigating the incident to find what caused the explosion. Officials stress that the explosion was not caused by a collision -- as some had previously thought.

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