Troubled recycling plant owner facing federal charges


SAN ANTONIO - A troubled east side recycling plant that was shut down in 2016 for numerous fines and violations, is still in hot water.

News 4 San Antonio has uncovered the owner of former Ascent Recycling and Consulting, Zachary F. Walter, is facing federal charges.

According to an indictment, Walter is accused of allegedly embezzling and stealing approximately $135,207.76 worth of yellow brass ammunition casings from Joint Base San Antonio. Walter also faces another count of stealing and embezzling $164,702.00 worth of recyclable material from the military base.

As it looks like now, the former plant located on 326 Seguin Street has been cleaned up. However, according to Marc Whyte, who represents Las Hargis, the landowner of the property, Walter still owes rent money.

“The city is going to order ascent recycling to re-pay my client the hundred plus thousand dollars that's owed in back rent. In addition to the hundred thousand dollars that we spent to clean up the property,” said Whyte.

News 4 San Antonio has also learned Walter is facing an illegal dumping charges from March of 2017.

In an email, Walter’s attorney, wrote:

“Ascent did not operate or maintain control of the yard at the time of the allegation. We are working to help in any way we can to i-d whoever did the dumping,” said Branden Lopez.

It is still unclear what the illegal dumping charge is for. Walter is expected to be in Bexar County District Court on Monday, Feb. 5th.

Walter is also expected to be in federal court later this month for the embezzlement of government property charges.

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