Trouble Shooters: Help us, help you

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SAN ANTONIO - A day after our first Trouble Shooters phone bank, we are pouring through news tips and decided it was a good time to give tips to our viewers.

Editorial decisions on whether to pursue a story or how to pursue a story take on many forms, but there are some steps you can take that will help our Trouble Shooters help you in getting your story on the air.

In television news, it's important to show it, not just say it. With that in mind, we often requests photos or video when applicable.

Documentation of any sort is also important whether it be a police report, a complaint filed, a chain of emails or screen shot of text messages.

Often times without any type of proof of purchase, contract or conversation, a story falls short; ending up nothing more than a "he said, she said" scenario.

In cases where there are visuals or documentation, email is preferred. Sending some of this information up front is also important because sometimes it weighs into the decision on whether or not a story will be pursued.

If you can, be succinct in your initial explanation because if the Trouble Shooters decide to take on the story, there will be ample opportunity to flesh out the details.

There is also power in numbers when it comes to complaints. If there are several people impacted who have a similar story to share, this can lend credibility to the story.

Keep in mind these are simply guidelines to help us, help you.

If you want to leave a news tip, you can call (210) 476-1070 or you can also email April Molina at

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