Texas ranks 10th worst for women


SAN ANTONIO – Texas is on a top 10 list that’s not something to brag about, and NAFTA talks are going down to the wire. Jane King has that and more in today’s report.

Texas a ‘worst’ state for women

A new study says Texas is the 10th worst state for women.

According to WalletHub, women "still get the short end of the stick" in many states, even though they outnumber men in most states. WalletHub says that when it comes to salary, women make up nearly two-thirds of all minimum-wage workers, and when it comes to political representation, women make up 51% of the U.S. population but only 22% of the Senate and 19.3% of the House of Representatives.

Texas also has the lowest share of insured women in the nation and one of the lowest percentages of women who voted in the 2016 presidential election.

CLICK HERE to check out the list.


Steel Tariffs Could Cost Ford, General Motors

President Trump's steel tariff could cost Ford and General Motors $1 billion a year.

Goldman Sachs says that’s between 7 and 12 percent of the company’s profit. Both automakers say they use mostly American-made steel for vehicles they make in the United States.



Time could be running out for NAFTA.

Round 7 of the NAFTA talks concluded in Mexico City with grim comments by the U.S. trade representative.

He said the United States is prepared to walk away from the three-way negotiation and seek separate deals with Mexico or Canada.


Netflix getting more family friendly

Netflix is making its platform more family friendly.

The streaming giant announced that it is refining its parental controls.

Netflix will apply its control pin to individual titles instead of broader categories.


United Airlines Lottery Program

United Airlines is putting its controversial lottery bonus program on hold.

United’s president said they misjudged how employees would receive the plan.

Instead of performance based bonuses, United would have given out cash and trips via a lottery.

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