Texas governor Greg Abbott proposes a change to marijuana laws

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced last Friday, he's in favor of changing the punishment for marijuana possession.

Abbott says he's open to dropping the maximum punishment for possession, of less than two ounces from 180 days in jail, to a fine of up, and no jail time.

Abbott's proposal would reduce the current law from a class B misdemeanor to a class C.

State Representative Joe Deshotel tells KFDM, he supports the idea, and says Texas law right now is too excessive.

"When you have someone who has an extensive criminal history, and they get caught with, and are guilty of possession of two ounces or less of marijuana it's kind of an anomaly," Barlow said.

Barlow has represented hundreds of clients charged in drug cases.

"Do you want someone who had a joint or two of marijuana staying in jail, or do you want to reserve that just for the higher quantity of drugs, or the more serious drugs," Barlow said.

Corey Mendes is the Executive Director of the non-profit organization NORML, he believes people should not be arrested for possession of marijuana, but says the governor's proposal is a good

step forward.

To what Mendes calls more sensible laws for marijuana possession and consumption .

"I do believe eventually it will start spreading nation wide, Texas I think will probably be the last to fall my personal opinion just how were are, but I do believe it will come eventually," Michael Walston said.

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