Texas company changing the way you buy cowboy boots (and saving you money)

    Photo courtesy Tecovas.

    A startup company is changing how we buy cowboy boots.

    "Even as a Texan, buying boots is pretty intimidating," said Paul Hedrick.

    So Hedrick launched Tecovas, an online retailer that makes it easier – and more affordable to find the right pair of boots.

    The conventional way people shop for boots is still antiquated and overwhelming, he explained. The process typically involves walking into a store that's the size of a small warehouse and is stocked with hundreds of boots arranged in rows by size, shape, style, material and heel.

    Then there's the price.

    "A really good pair of boots can cost between $500 to $600, or more," he said.

    Hedrick saw an opportunity: The market was fragmented. Cowboy boots are still largely sold in brick-and-mortar stores, and there wasn't a particular brand that dominated. While companies like Boot Barn sell boots online, Hedrick argues that there weren't any sites offering authentic, handcrafted cowboy boots at lower prices.

    Tecovas sells quality boots for about $200 a pair. CLICK HERE to learn more

    Holiday Flowers

    UPS says it will ship 89 million flowers for the Valentine’s holiday this year. That's up from 88 million last year. The flowers are grown in Latin America, according to a news release. UPS transports them through the Miami International Airport to their recipients in less than two days. The company added 50 flights to handle the Valentine’s load.

    Importance of Gas

    Gas prices are a concern for Americans this year. Gas Buddy says US drivers spend $388 billion on gas last year, which averages 34 million fill-ups per day. 86% of respondents said they depend on gas for their everyday lives. In fact, people tended to categorize it as a household expenditure more important than major payments, like health care and savings or emergency funds.

    Anti-Vax Facebook Groups

    Facebook is drawing criticism for the proliferation of anti-immunization groups on the social media platform. The Guardian reports that the groups promote alternatives to vaccines, like high doses of vitamin C to fight communicable diseases, or vitamin A to ward off measles. Some critics are calling for Facebook to shut down the groups or monitor the information they share.

    Google Expanding

    Google’s massive footprint is getting bigger. It’s building new data centers, spending $13 billion to do so. It didn’t say exactly where or what it would build in Texas. Last week, the Austin American Statesman reported it will expand its officer tower in Austin and hire 5,000 workers.

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