Texas A&M San Antonio partners with Facebook for cyber security class


New tonight a San Antonio college is teaming up with one of the biggest tech companies in the world.

An app you probably use every day, Facebook coming to University of Texas A&M San Antonio campus to offer a hybrid cyber security course the first of its kind in Texas and just the ninth college chosen to have the program nationwide.

A campus under construction as well as a curriculum, and according to University President Cynthia Teniente-Matson, breaking new ground on a private sector partnership.

"Today we're announcing a new partnership with Facebook," Teniente-Matson said.

For a campus superior in cyber security, according to Stephanie Sitemann, Information Security Program and Operations Manager at Facebook.

"Just reaching out to the Texas faculty and staff it’s been super amazing at their desire to increase awareness,” said Siteman. “Looking at the talent they have from a student population and the amount of diversity and inclusion it was really a no brainer."

Starting a partnership to prepare their students for the ever-growing field.

"Cyber security has been a big focus for Bexar County, It's been a big focus for our city with the burst of jobs in cyber security we recognize that this is an area where we can make a difference," Teniente-Matson said.

The new course claims to be competitive.

"Students really do want to defend and protest and really get hands on,” Sitemann said.

And if completed could bring big benefits.

"The top performing students in the Facebook Projects and in the coursework, itself are invited to top cyber security professional conferences," Teniente-Matson said.

As well as a big boost to the campus.

"Our programs like this are programs that will attract students from all over," Teniente-Matson said.

All with the hopes of protecting the people.

"This is a win for everyone it’s a win for Facebook it’s a win for A&M San Antonio it’s a win for the county and the city and most importantly it’s a win for the students," Teniente-Matson said.

Students will be able to take the course this fall, and will earn three hours of credit, will take a lot of work, instructors anticipate it will take about 150 hours of work to complete, and top performers may even be chosen to become interns for Facebook.

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