Teenage San Antonio girl makes blankets for children's shelter

SAN ANTONIO - A young San Antonio woman is the CEO of a non-profit organization that makes blankets for children staying at a local shelter.

13-year-old Samantha Sanchez started "Sam's Covers" to help children of the "Bridge Emergency Shelter" with Roy Maas' Youth Alternatives stay warm.

In 2015 alone, she made 180 blankets with the help of her friends. Each blanket is handmade and is made to match the appropriate age group of the children. Children as young as six up to the age of 17 are given blankets to stay warm.

These children have been removed from abusive homes and are still waiting for long-term placement.

If you would like to donate to Sam's Covers, or need help, you can check out her website at samscovers.com.

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