Teen paralyzed after stunt at South San High School

    Teen paralyzed after stunt at South San High School

    SAN ANTONIO, TX - Paralyzed from the neck down, that's the new reality for a teenager after a stunt gone wrong.

    It happened on school grounds at South San High School.

    Now, his parents want the district to pay for his medical bills.

    The accident happened on Tuesday and the teen's parents said he still doesn't know he's paralyzed.

    Their son was practicing for powderpuff football, that's when boys perform cheer routines and girls play football.

    During that time, their son was thrown up in the air and accidentally dropped on the way down.

    He's known for firing up crowds at South San football games.

    Leading the chants home and away.

    "Standing at the bottom of the bleachers hyping up the whole crowd," Roman Caldera Sr. said.

    Roman Caldera Jr. is in a hospital bed.

    Doctors told his parents he's paralyzed from the neck down.

    "It's hard, I can't even put it into words," Caldera Sr. said.

    Caldera Sr. said his son was performing a cheer stunt.

    He was thrown into the air and dropped on the way down on South San's football field.

    It's a practice his father said is permitted during school hours, to prepare for a fundraiser powderpuff game between juniors and seniors.

    "The school don't want to take no responsibility. I don't want no money," Caldera Sr. said. "I know they have insurance, I don't see why it don't cover.

    Right now, South San school officials won't comment about whether or not they'll pay the teen's medical bills.

    However, district officials did say the accident happened after school hours and not during a school-sponsored event.

    "I'm frustrated and it hasn't sunken in yet," Caldera Sr. said.

    What's even harder, Roman doesn't know he's paralyzed yet.

    His father doesn't know how to tell him.

    "I'm sorry I can't do it anymore," Caldera Sr. said.

    South San football players honored Roman by wearing his name on the back of their helmets.

    South San ISD released a statement saying, "The district is saddened that this unfortunate incident occurred."

    The district said they are continuing to investigate the incident.

    They told us they have constant communication with Roman's family.

    They told us they will support them as much as they can.

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