Teachers travel to San Antonio to take proactive training approach


Teachers and police officers taking a proactive approach to protecting our schools, now a proactive type of training is gaining traction across the state of Texas.

Teachers from across the country are in San Antonio for two days of ALICE training.

Preparing teachers to protect students and fellow faculty members in the case of an active shooter scenario in their building, Greg Crane, the founder of ALICE training said training for these scenarios should be similar to that of a fire drill, preparation is key.

"It's a danger and that danger has to be properly prepared for the issue we believe is the problem though is that we haven't been preparing properly for these events." Crane said.

Teachers and officers at the training will take what they've learned back to their schools and conduct drills of their own to help protect their students in the future. Jennifer Wiley came to San Antonio from North Carolina to participate in the training, and said safety is her souvenir.

"We're going to take it back and roll out the training and invite our local law enforcement and first responders and do a community wide drill on our campus." Wiley said.

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