Teachers learning how to set students up for brightest future


SAN ANTONIO-Teachers are getting back in the classroom to become students themselves with the help of a $200,000 collaboration with Workforce Solutions.

"Trying to get kids interested and excited about STEM occupations," said Gail Hathaway the CEO of Workforce Solutions Alamo.

STEM Careers can mean a bright and lucrative career furture for students, but these teachers are now students learning how to convince students the often frustrating seemingly not fun subjects will pay-off.

"So they can answer the question' when am I ever going to use this'?" said Hathaway.

"The big question we get all the time from kids is 'when am i ever going to use this'?" said Maggie Segura a high school chemistry teacher who was selected for the teacher externship program.

"It's important to me to make it relevant for them," she said.

She'll visit area businesses, meet with experts who will then plan skypes with her students.

"The guy you're speaking with helped come up with this technology," she said. "And is right here in your city."

"They can't wait to get back in the classroom and share their experience with their students," said Hathaway.

The program is one of the first in the country-, and after it's first year of success received $100,000 more in grant funding.

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