Teachers help pay for young student's burial

Clarissa Cruz, 11, passed away unexpectedly on November 25th.

SAN ANTONIO - A local elementary school has rallied to help a grieving family bury their young daughter.

Clarissa Cruz, 11, unexpectedly passed away on November 25th after a brief stay in the hospital. The circumstances surrounding her death are not entirely clear.

Clarissa was in the fifth grade at Heritage Elementary with Southside Independent School District.

When her teachers learned her family couldn't afford her funeral expenses, they deiced to take up a collection.

"Teachers got together and they pulled out their wallets," said Randy Escamilla with Southside I.S.D. "They were able to contribute 710 dollars to the funeral home, so the little girl could have her funeral."

The money from the teachers, combined with online donations and proceeds from a weekend plate sale, gave the family enough to cover the costs.

Clarissa's funeral was held Monday in Von Ormy, with teachers joining her family as they said their final goodbyes.

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