Tax deadline looming, criminals phishing


With tax return deadline just days away and thousands of taxpayers expecting refunds in the next few weeks, cyber criminals are hard at work trying to steal your identity.

According to the IRS, some consumers have been getting suspicious emails with "IRS Refunds" in the subject line.

The goal is to trick taxpayers into opening an attachment or link buried within the email.

To help prevent tax related identity theft, the IRS wants you to know they do not:

1. Contact taxpayers requesting they confirm refund information

2. Demand taxpayers use specific forms of payment like wire transfer or prepaid cards

3. Threaten to involve law enforcement for those who fail to pay

4. Demand payment without giving the taxpayer the opportunity to appeal the amount owed.

While the IRS is warning about online cyber criminals, locally a News 4 viewer reported getting a call from a man claiming to be the IRS, threatening to call the police if she didn't send money.

If you suspect you're getting fraudulent emails or calls, you can always reach out the IRS directly to report it.

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