Tactical Tattoo tells car thieves to 'pump the brakes'

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    The Comal County Sheriff’s Office taking a proactive approach to stopping car thefts, and providing an opportunity to save money on your car insurance bill.

    How long would you wait to keep your car safe?

    Herman Medina, Crime Prevention Officer with the Comal County Sheriff’s Office said the execution of VIN etching only takes five minutes.

    "The VIN number is in certain locations on your car but when you place it on your window it cannot be removed,” said Medina, “We have VIN etch cards they fill out, with their pertinent information from their driver's license."

    Medina explained the process in place to make a tactical tattoo for your car.

    "They have the scanner and they put it on the VIN and it scans it,” said Medina, "We bring it up to the machine, it documents it and we can print out their vin code."

    Krystal Thompson brought her car by to make sure the mark wards off wrongdoers.

    "I live in a new construction community so whenever they open a new section that's something we have to worry about, better be safe than sorry." Thompson said.

    Medina says just seeing the mark can make car thieves pump the brakes.

    "People that are in the business of theft of vehicles, they can't replace that window or they don’t want to... they don't want to scratch off the vin because it diminishes the price of the car." Medina said.

    Some insurance companies may even offer you a discount on your monthly bill as much as 15% if you show them your windows, but Medina said their priority is public safety.

    "It's all about Pro Active Policing and trying to bring down the crime of theft." Medina said.

    The Comal County Sheriffs do VIN etching for donations only, which go back to buying materials to continue to project.

    The next opportunity to have your vin etched is August 25th, the Sheriffs will be at Mountain Valley Elementary School.

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